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Welcome to my website Everyone!

edited by Farah 

My name is Farah and I am so excited to share with you more of what I love doing, which is baking!

I have always enjoyed cooking especially 'Caking' haha

I will be sharing some of my favourite food photos & recipes.

So, Jenny's sweet hands is my little corner of the internet!

Jenny as a reference to my daughter. I guess after having a child, your life is all about them.

This is way I named my blog after her. Bless her! ♥

I am a person who enjoys cooking, mainly baking and love photography.

All of the photos are made, shot and edited by me ©

Anyway, I will be sharing some of the successful recipes I have tried, some of my own recipes.

Along with all the recipes, I also use the blog to share bits and pieces of my life outside the kitchen.

As I am a mother, I will be sharing parenting tips. Trust me no matter how you say I know what I'm doing and I don't need help, that's not true.

We will always need help it's not because we're weak but it's because we're human.

I know it seems like I talk a lot, well maybe I do a little ha-ha

I also have my own tips and tricks for photography, so of them I learned online, and some other with my humble experience.

I am now learning to enhance my video editing skills will share all the useful links that will help me with that.

However, I would love to see you try my recipes and share them with me.

I also share all my post on my Instagram @JennySweetHands & @BakeLikeFarah

I’d love it if you followed me there too!

I will be sharing some of my lifestyle, don't worry it's going to be stuff worth sharing not just gibberish.

Travel ideas, I mean we do not travel much outside the country especially with COVID-19 now, everyone are trying to be cautious about travelling, but we do enjoy camping and discovering our own country.

Basically, I will be talking about different topics, it's going to be mainly food, probably not..

If you want me to talk about anything, just email us!  

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Thanks for visiting!

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